Trouble Has a Way (of Teachin' Us to Love)

Reba Rambo-McGuire and Dony McGuire

It was Sunday afternoon, the 3rd of September, and we were glued to the stunning, disturbing, and tragic images that kept rolling across the TV screen from every news channel.

Floods in Houston, wildfires raging on the West Coast, earthquakes shattering landscapes around the world, children running through war zones—image after image of devastating pictures that ripped at our hearts.

We began to notice something that stirred us to our very core: people of every race, color, tribe and religion reaching across the lines to help their fellow human beings. When threatening floodwaters overwhelmed folks, they weren’t questioning the beliefs of the rescuers in the boat. Those trapped on smoking rooftops never shunned the heroic firemen reaching through the encroaching flames. No one was concerned about how much money was in the other’s bank, what their religious or socioeconomic pedigree was, or whose fault it was that they were in the midst of such calamity. Political agendas faded in the face of adversity. Every weeping child became “our child.”

It was simply people helping people.

Through tear-blurred eyes, with trembling pens we began creating the concept of this song, “Trouble Has A Way (Of Teachin’ Us To Love).”

Trouble has a way of stripping us of the things that often divide us… and in doing so, teaches us the valuable lessons of love.  It shouldn’t be a miracle when humankind is kind. 

Writers: Reba Rambo-McGuire,
Dony McGuire

Verse 1
So many hurting, helpless people
Oh, hear their cries across the waves
And as they sink in desperation
Whose hands will rescue, who will save

Verse 2
So many lost in dark confusion
Oh, feel the threatenin' of the flames
And as they face the devastation
Whose arms will save them from their pain

Let's be a beacon in the midnight
Let's be the boat out on the flood
Come join the ones who walk through fire
Trouble has a way of teachin' us to love

Trouble doesn't see our money
Or the house we're livin' in
Trouble never pays attention
To the color of our skin
We're just people helpin' people
Through the toughest kinds of times
It shouldn't be a miracle
When humankind is kind

Verse 3
So many worried 'bout tomorrow
Oh, taste the fear that terror brings
The global wars and tribulations
Whose voice will rise with hope and sing

 Repeat Chorus

© 2017 Songs Of Rambo McGuire/SESAC. All rights reserved.