~ By Reba Rambo-McGuire ~

Did you ever wonder if God was having a bad day when He made you? Did you ever question the fact that He, The King of the universe, could love you—warts and all? Now maybe you've never been guilty of such thoughts but I confess I've had to deal with them.

One Sunday afternoon I was blowing up the balloons for my "pity party." (I'm sure you've NEVER had one.) I was lying across the bed, crying, feeling very inadequate when I cried out to God.

"How can You love me? I make so many mistakes! Can You show me how You love me?"

I was like a child who cried so hard 'til they're totally "spent," and I began drifting off to sleep. Something happened in those next few moments that would forever change my life. I honestly don't know if it was a dream or a vision, but let me share it with you. I must admit it's difficult to relate supernatural experiences with natural words, but I'll try.

Imagine being in a place very similar to the worst famine-ridden deserts of Ethiopia. There were thousands of dark-skinned children lying in the hot, steaming, sun-baked sand. The stench of death was like a sickening fog. Dirty children with large, helpless eyes and bloated bellies were covered with sores and swarming flies.

Suddenly I saw, of all people, Princess Di, running among all these dying, starving children. In this vision there was a knowing in me that she was barren. (Now we all know in actual life she and Prince Charles have two sons, but in this instance she was childless). She was searching frantically among the multitudes until she found the child who appeared to be closest to death. She cried out triumphantly, "This is the one! This is the one I choose. This is the heir!"

Almost instantly a medical staff appeared and began intensive treatment, an I.V. in the arm, shots, even surgical procedures. The child was bathed and nourishment was given and before my eyes began to blossom. Princess Di smiled, placed a purple robe around the child, and instantly the scene changed and that same child was a little older sitting on a jeweled throne of a palace, smiling.

Then I was awake and trembling. The Father spoke to me and said, "Reba, that's the way I love you. You were starving, filthy, naked and dying without any hope. But before the foundation of the world, I searched among the the stuff, and I chose you. The stripes upon My Son's back were for your healing, and His blood bought your redemption. I reached in and took out your heart of stone and gave you a perfect heart. I nourished you on the "chicken soup" of My Word. I laid you to rest on My big feather bed until you were revived and restored. I wrapped you in a robe of righteousness and made you a joint heir with Christ Jesus. I gave you all power and authority. Now you are a son of God. All I have is yours. That is how I love you."

I lay there sobbing, only this time they were tears of joy. The presence of God filled the room and every fiber of my body. I could actually feel the arms of God around me, and for what seemed like hours, all I could do was weep and whisper, "Abba Father, Abba Father, Abba Father."

He loves you in the exact same way. Why not take a minute and reflect on what He has done for you? You are His treasure, His joy, His child. Why not crawl up in His arms and tell Him all about it?

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By Reba Rambo


I'll never understand why He saw a piece of clay 
And said, "I want it, I'll use it" 
The greatest mystery is that somehow in spite of me 
He said, "I'm gonna love you" 
He took me in His arms 
Said, "This child belongs to me" 
He placed me in His Kingdom 
Now I live like royalty 
It's not because of what I am 
Not because of what I've done 
It's because of Whose I am


I'll never understand while I was yet a slave 
He said He'd buy me, He'd save me 
He clothed Himself in flesh, became the final sacrifice 
So I could know redemption 
He took the stripes upon His back 
So that I could walk in health 
Then He broke the chains of death 
Now I can live forevermore 
It's not because of what I am 
Not because of what I've done 
It's because of Whose I am


My Father is Lord of everything 
From here beyond forever 
He's given me His name said if I'd ask anything 
He'd gladly give it 
He put a robe upon my back 
Placed a ring upon my hand 
Said the riches of heaven were all mine 
It's not because of what I am 
Not because of what I've done 
But because He first loved me 
His grace has set me free 
His blood is flowing through my veins 
I'm adopted by the King 
It's because of Whose I am

Lyrics and Music by Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire
© 1980 Bud-John Songs Inc. / ASCAP and New Spring Publ. Inc./ ASCAP
(Adm. by CapitolCMGPublishing.com)