From the March/April 2013
Issue of 
Homecoming Magazine
~ By Reba Rambo-McGuire ~

There is a price you pay to en-flesh Art.

Gloria Gaither has learned that some lyrics require a lifetime of gathering and incubating words, wisdom, experiences and rhyme before they can be fully formed and birthed into the earth realm.

“To All the Poets” is her passionate and haunting homage to those creative, believing souls who paid the price to see the invisible tugging on heaven’s heart and squeezing its essence into poetic interpretation. It honors and recognizes those daring enough to scale the lofty heights, peer into the unknown, take off their shoes and let us in on the mystery.

Gloria comes from a long line of poets, seekers and other-world women. Her mother Dorothy along with both grandmothers, each in their own unique way, demonstrated the joys of storytelling, dreaming and learning readiness by seizing life moments and awakening the creative muse in young Gloria. All three shaped her... 

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To all the poets I have known
Who saw the beauty in the common place,
Saw Incarnation in a baby’s face,
And in a drop of rain, the stars,
When there was mud and blood and tears
You sang a song at night to calm our fears,
You made a moment last a thousand years,
Thank God for poets I have known.

You go on dreaming after dreams all fade,
When friends desert, you are the ones who stayed,
To write the prayers when every 
prayer’s been prayed,
You are the poets I have known.

To all the poets I have known
You built a kingdom out of sea and sand,
You conquered armies with a marching band,
You carved a galaxy in stone,
You built an altar out of bread,
You spent your soul to see the children fed,
You wove your heart in every story read,
You lovely poets I have known.

You walking wounded of my life
Who bled compassion in the heat of strife,
Who stood between my heart and Satan’s knife,
With just the armor of a song.
You are the heroes and the brave
Who with a slender pen our passions save,
And chisel epitaphs upon the grave
Of all the poets I have known.

Words: Gloria Gaither / Music: Dony McGuire
© 2011 Hanna Street Music/BMI
(Adm. by
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