Gaither Songwriting Intensive 2015 ~ The Miracle

“Mouths wide open—chirping hungry
Waiting for word worms, wisdom water
Crowded nest—all longing for stronger wings”
~ Reba Rambo-McGuire

Each June for the past five years, I have witnessed a miracle…

I watch them each take a deep breath and open the door: big-eyed, excited, books clenched tight. It’s a long trip from almost any town to Alexandria, Indiana. It’s just not on the well traveled road to anywhere; you go there on purpose. Perhaps the longest part of the journey is from insecurity cave to preparation mountain: daring to trust the Voice and ordered steps of Spirit’s wooing. Why? Maybe because the overwhelming hunger for knowledge is finally greater than the nagging fear of rejection.

2015 Harmony Honors

Rambo McGuire along with many other Southern Gospel Music's best and brightest gathered on April 21st at Trinity Broadcasting Network's famed Trinity Music City in Nashville as TBN and singer-songwriter Michael English hosted the Southern Gospel Music Guild's 2015 Harmony Honors.