Give To The River

Have you been blessed by Dony & Reba's Facebook Live River Gatherings? If so, please consider giving a financial gift or becoming a partner of this non-profit ministry. The River Gathering could not go “live” every week if it wasn’t for the faithful givers of the ministry.

There are 4 ways to contribute:

  • Text your giving amount and the word "Partner" to 615.800.7028
    (Eg: If you want to give ten dollars, text the following: 10 Partner)

  • Visit Give.Mogiv.com/river and select Partner in the drop down menu.
    You can also set up automatic recurring donations.

  • Give Thru Paypal. You can also set up automatic recurring donations.

  • Mail a check or money order to:
    The River
    PO Box 50508
    Nashville, TN 37205

Note:  This is not a contract. It's a faith pledge. If at any time you are unable to give as intended, there is no obligation to do so. All donations are tax deductible. If you have trouble figuring out the technological aspects of Text to Give, Mogiv or Paypal, please call our office at 615.673.2657 and leave a message for Dann and he will reply as soon as possible to walk you through the steps.

The River Gathering is a church and your contributions may qualify as a
charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Become A Partner

You can become a partner by giving at least $10/week. You can give through one of the 4 ways listed above. In return for your financial support, you will receive periodic love gifts (including downloads of new songs) and you'll be the first to know the latest news of Dony & Reba’s non-profit ministry, The River

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